Work Package 2

Stakeholder involvement and visualization

This WP focuses on developing new techniques and approaches to better inform decision-makers and stakeholders in participatory processes on the potential of integrated adaptation measures and potential of adaptation planning. The WP asks:


  • How can planning and design interventions be visualised both off-site and on-site (remote laboratory or office and/or mobile devices)?
  • How can the developed visualisation methods help to communicate planning and design interventions to local citizens, stakeholders and among experts?
  • How are the planning and design interventions perceived by local and non-local experts and lay people?


This WP focusses on stakeholder involvement and visualisation enabling a multiscale systemic understanding of urban landscape dynamics and transformations through ex-post evaluation of existing urban planning strategies and projects and ex-ante evaluation of scenarios of potential adaptation strategies. Visualisations as stimuli will be integrated into the feedback mechanisms either through a paper-based format and/or via digital means.

In this context 3D-visualisations will be developed for off- site use as well as for on-site use for stakeholder involvement. The envisaged visualisation approaches will build on recent developed innovations2 (e.g. augmented reality app) (Figure 3). This WP develops state-of-the-art immersive visualisations, e.g. for display in a virtual reality lab or for devices such as the Oculus Rift as well as innovative on-site visualisations for use on mobile devices.

Mixed qualitative semi- structured interview approaches will be employed as well as quantitative methods (e.g. semantic differential, willingness-to-pay, contingent valuation) investigating the views of planning and design experts / lay persons as well as considering off-site (laboratory based) versus on-site (mobile devices) feedback and assessment.





Understanding the dynamics of transformation and principles of adaptation


Stakeholder involvement and visualisation


Application in urban design, planning and governance